Low Cost Water Refilling Station Packages

Sell the Cheapest High Grade Water anywhere!

See us for our Highly Affordable, Low Cost Water Refilling Station Packages with the Introduction of the OCEAN FRESH™ and AQUIFER™ Range.

Our studies showed that most households prefer purified drinking water in their homes.

FACT: In our research, we have found that the cost of clean and safe potable drinking water is too high for most families.

As an example, big market demand for purified drinking water in the Philippines and high profitability as a business venture has grown rapidly in the last 5 Years. The proliferation of water stations throughout the country is a testament to this.

Current prices per 19 Litre delivered (5 Gallon) container of purified water are simply too high for most.

The added cost of: Machine Inefficiency, Electricity Cost, Delivery, Fuel Prices, Personnel, and Cost of Plant & Machinery have maintained the prices at a level only afforded by Middle Income Earners and the Affluent.

FACT: Low Income Earners are left out!

The Philippines remain by and large a developing nation with the Poor and Low Income households representing some 85 Percent of the population, which remain untapped in the Water Refilling Station business due to the current high price of clean drinking water.



“We offer cheaper water with no sacrifice to quality and cater to all Economic Class Level whilst maintaining a healthy return”

  • Membrane lifespan to 7 Years and beyond. We use only the best and high quality materials on all our products.

  • With our attention to detail and functional design we offer Efficiency, Reliability and Highly Economical Desalinators thanks to Nanotechnology.

  • We don’t have a long list of stages in the purification process of raw water which can mean unnecessary Shutdown during the running of business. Raw water undergoes the Desalination process and comes out Fresh in an instant!

  • Product quality = 0.0001 Microns of purity with traces of essential minerals at 200mg/L or higher.

  • With no sacrifice to quality, our lightweight and compact machines save space and provide ease of mobility.

  • With this, we offer our professional technical services free of charge to assure the success of your business.

Contact us for additional information on our Comparative Income Analysis and Comprehensive Studies including Cost Justification, Pay Back Period and Return of Investment.